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2017 NEWS:

2017-12-11   HCM Testing done - All Normal Results 

 *Bödvara av Bergdis (1 year 3 months -HCM Normal), Awe de Tsavo*ES (1 year/4.75 months-HCM Normal)


2017-12-02   Preparing for Kittens for 2018/Blood and Genetic testing done at Anicura Emmaboda

SE*Lisselbacks Elton - Felv/FIV, Strep G and GSDIV/Pkdef (Sent to Langford Labs in UK - microchip verified by veternarian)

Awe de Tsavo*ES *- Felv/FIV, Strep G

SE*Ullrtass's Bödvara av Bergdis - FIV/Felv, Strep G

**HCM Scans date set for 2017-12-11 *Bodi and Awe


2017-11-04/05  SOLKATTEN UTSTÄLLNING, Skellefteä, Sweden- SE*Lisselbacks Elton EX1 and EX2

Some pictures at the judging on the first day with judge Anna Wilzcek from Poland. Thank you Marie Hedman for the photos!

alt             alt             alt  


2017-09-30/10-0  alt SE*Lisselbacks Elton wins EX1, BIV, NOM to BIS. BIS!    DALÄLVSKATTENS UTSTÄLLNING alt

Saturday and Sunday at Dalälvskattens Utställning Elton won Ex1, BIV, NOM to BIS and BIS Kull on Saturday (Huge congratulations to Breeder Helena Windenby !) . On Sunday he did it again taking BIS and the whole litter took BIS KULL again. This was only Elton's 3rd show!!



SE*Lisselbacks Elton has joined the Ullrtass family as our 2nd breeding male. EMS code n 24, born 2017-04-29. He already has 2 BIS, 1 BIV and 2 BIS KULL after only 3 shows in Sweden. We see much promise for our darling boy!



A HUGE HUGE Thank you to Elton's breeder Helena Widenby!!!!! Your trust, faith and most importantly your friendship is the most wonderful thing. We love Elton. We are also full of pride to be a part of a bigger family of connection:  Linda Reiersen of (N)Fodnaheias who is the breeder of Elton's mother Barbados and Helena Mårtensson who owns Elton's father SE*AIPeJe's Aventino, two wonderful norwegians who have developed such lovely kittens. I say thank you!!!


2017-09-29 Ullrtass Cattery is OFFICIALLY beginning our breeding and showing program again with full coorperation by Uppsala KattKlubb in conjunction with SVERAK in Sweden.

2017-01 to 2017-09  Moved residency from Tumba, Sweden to Emmaboda, Sweden. The cattery is taking a short break and will resume its activities Winter 2017.