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2018 NEWS

2018-12-04  Welcome home PL*Atlas Zambia to Sweden!

2018-11-11  SE*Lisselbacks Elton BEST IN SHOW at klubbmästerskapet i Örsjö(Kalmar Kat Klubb) 

2018-10-28  We have registered 3 cats to our upcoming Cat Club's klubbmästerskapet i Örsjö(Kalmar Kat Klubb),  2018-11-11, 1 day show.  


CATS SIGNED UP ARE: (IC SE*Ullrtass's Muddy Waters Royal - Class 5, Group 3.  SE*Lisselbacks Elton - Class 9, Group 3.  SE*Ullrtass's See See Rider - Class 11, Group 3.

2018-10-25  We have changed Cat Clubs and now are a proud member of Kalmare KatKlubb (which is in our hometown near Emmaboda, Sweden)

2018-09-04  Welcome to the World Kittens of SE*Lissebacks Eltons and SE*Crazy Cat Ladys Honey Ryder!. This is Elton's first litter.

2018-08-28  R.I.P S*Cederskogens Opia Opal. (5 Years Old.)   Read our story here.

2017-08-15  All the kittens of Litter C have moved to their new homes now.

2018-08-11/12  Skanes UTSTÄLLNING, Sundsparlan, Sweden- SE*Lisselbacks Elton EX1, NOM (Class 9), Litter C result: EX3 of 4 in Kitten class

Individual class 12 for kittens: Dark Star Ex1 -  and BIV, See See Rider - Ex1 , Alalbama Getaway - Ex2, Sugar Magnolia - Ex3

2018-06-29  We have been notified for SKKK's Utstallning for 5 cats for August 11. 

(SE*Lisselbacks Elton, plus the entire litter of 4 kittens)

2018-06-30 **Kittens received second de-worming

2018-06-29  Kittens received their second set of vaccinnations at 12 weeks

2018-06-28  C Litter -  Week 12 Pictures  Click here

2018-06-21  C Litter -  Week 11 Pictures  Click here

2018-06-14  C Litter -  Week 10 Pictures  Click here

2018-06-14  C Litter -  Week 10 Pictures  Click here

2018-06-07  C Litter -  Week 9 Pictures  Click here

2018-06-05  Kittens received first set of vaccinnations and Microchip Identification

2018-05-31  **Kittens received first de-worming

2018-05-31  C Litter -  Week 8 Pictures  Click here

2018-05-24  C Litter -  Week 7 Pictures  Click here

2018-05-17  C Litter -  Week 6 Pictures  Click here

2018-05-11  Yearly Vaccinations for: SE*Lisselbacks Elton (1 year), IC SE*Muddy Waters Royal (3 year) and Awe de Tsavo*ES (2 year)

2018-05-10  C Litter -  Week 5 Pictures  Click here

2018-05-03  C Litter -  Week 4 Pictures  Click here

2018-05-02  Happy Birthday IC SE*Ullrtass's Muddy Waters Royal - 3 year old!

2018-04-29  Happy Birthday SE*Lisselbacks Elton - 1 year old!

2018-04-26  C Litter -  Week 3 Pictures  Click here

2018-04-25  Kittens started eating today (baby's first food)

2018-04-19  C Litter -  Week 2 Pictures  Click here

2018-04-12  C Litter -  Week 1 Pictures  Click here

2018-04-06  C Litter - Day 1 Pictures  Click here

2018-04-05  We have Kittens! Welcoming the C-Litter "Grateful Dead Litter. M-SE*Ullrtass;s Bodvara av Berdgis F-SE*Lisselbacks Elton






 Mother is: SE*Ullrtass's Bodvara av Bergdis (NFO n) 

 Father is: SE*Lisselbacks Elton (NFO n 24)

Both are first time parents! 




Both cats are tested for GSD IV n/n, PK-def n/n. fiv/felv normal.

Bodvara - HCM tested Normal

Elton - HCM to be tested in April 2018


Possible colors of our kittens are: BLACK, BLUE, BLACK SPOTTED/MC TABBY, BLUE SPOTTED /MC TABBY



 Are you interested in this plan? Please contact us HERE.



2018-02-21  Scandanavian Winner Show Confirmation (March 31/April 4 in Sweden) has been received today by e-mail. We are going.


2018-02-20  We have added a page to the website called ULLRTASS PHOTOGRAPHY.   Amy is selling her Fine Art Nature Photography.


2018-02-01   **WE ARE REGISTERED!**

Registration for Scandanavian Winner Show - Gothenburg, Sweden, SE*Lisselback Elton, Fertile Male,  NFO n24





2018-01-30  SE*Ullrtass's Bodvara av Bergdis + SE*Lissebacks Elton and mated for 2 days..... now we wait     alt


2018-01-29  Ch Frida Vendellek*PL - Yearly Vaccinations (3 years)


2018-01-26   Our Indoor Cat Enclosure Is Finished...Check out The Result!! ***

My husband was busy (at my request yet again, he is such a saint!), to build an indoor cat enclosure in the big cat room downstairs to house our 2nd fertile male. This is not a permenent house for him but he can spend his days sometimes outside of it with the girls in the big room or go from his room to the out door cat run which will be attached to his windows leading outside to our garden (and be built in the spring). He shares his space daily with our beuatiful neuter girl CH Frida Vendellek*PL and also has access to watching the kitten area (see the carpeted area) next to the enclosure for when he starts to have babies of his own.

Under the stairs you will see an opening. Its another clever feature I asked for and my nusband with his carpentry skills built me! The litterboxes for our girls are housed under there so there is no mess for me. It also creates a quiet space for them if they want to hide as cats sometimes do.   I love this new space. More pictures to follow as we continue to make updates and build new spaces for our babies !




alt    alt

LEFT SIDE - KITTEN AREA                                                                             VIEW OF THE INDOOR CAT ENCLOSURE