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Oldies but Goldies Rock n Roll...




Mother: PL*Zambia Atlas - NFO n 03 22, Born 2018-07-03

GSDIV: n/n   PK DEF: n/n  PK: Normal  HCM: Normal





Father: IC SE*Ullrtass Muddy Waters Royal - NFO a 22, Born 2015-05-02

GSDIV: n/n   PK DEF: n/n  PK: Normal  HCM: Normal



The Kittens...


  • Chances Are - Male , n 0322, Brown bloched tabby bi color - Option


  • Mr. Big Stuff - Male, n 24 , Brown spotted tabby -  Under Observation


  • Sh Boom Sh Boom - Male, n 22 - Brown bloched tabby - Interest Shown


  • Be Bopa Lula - Female, n 09 22 - Brown bloched tabby with white - For Sale 


  • Lucille - Female, NFO n 0322, Brown bloched tabby bi color - For Sale




3 day


1 week


2 week


3 week


4 week

5 week

6 week

7 week

8 week 

9 week

10 week

11 week

12 week

13 week


Our kittens are sold according to Sverak rules

  • SVERAK pedigree(Fife)
  • ID-marked with a microchip. 
  • Fully vaccinated against cat pest and cat runny nose dvs. 2 ggr.
  • Dewormed at 8 and 12 weeks
  • Health-certitficate (not older than 7 days).
  • Insured against hidden defects for 3 years from the Breeder's insurance company
  • Deliverance between 13-15 weeks of age
  • Passport and Rabies vacinnation for kittens traveling outside of Sweden

Together with the kitten, comes a kitten-package containing:

  • Food
  • Blanket and kitten's favorite toys
  • The kitten will have their first bath and claws clipped
  • Lifetime support from us
  • Early life and social-life in a family setting with lots of love



A little more information...

You are always welcome to inquire about our kittens, however we do not take deposits or reserve kittens until atleast 8 weeks of age. We as the cattery reserve the right to hold a kitten for further observation until we see the kitten develop and can choose whether to keep a kitten in our cattery for future breeding if we will it.

Kittens sold for breeding will leave our home intact with a mutual understanding and agreement between the breeder and owners.   Kittens who do not go into breeding will be castrated before leaving our home to live as pets.


If you are interested in a kitten from us please contact us at...


Amy Kriozere

mobile in Sweden,  +46 723868499