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Hi and welcome. We are a family based cattery, located in Täby, Sweden in a suburb that rests near Stockholm We live on the edge of a lake surrounded by nature at the end of the lane. It is quiet and peaceful in the midst of the suburb of Stockholm.  I am originally from the United States and moved to Sweden in 2012 after I met my husband who was visiting America. We can dedicate our lives to raising our cats and living a healthy lifestyle surrounded by our cats.

From the very beginning and the moment I saw the Norwegian forest cat I was mesmerized by these big, beautiful and powerful cats with an elusive and wild look. soon after i went to my first cat show my goal became to breed these majestic creatures. how did I know this feeling would encompass my life and become a life-long obsession? and so began the journey for us... breeding them. Our goal has always remained the same, to keep the cat as close to its natural wild and natural look without going to extremes.   My preference has always been for tabby patterns and in my breeding i love to make this type of norwegian although i also have some cats with a lot of white in them. but, for me, making a natural looking large cat that looks like it just popped out of the forest and comes to greet you is what excites me and what i hope to make. I don't follow the 'latest trends in breeding but i do keep to the fife standard in sweden,  i go by my eye and my taste. It remains and always will be my love of a wild and rugged looking type Norwegian that are family type pets with a super temperament, excellent health that could go to a cat show (but not only for show), for pure enjoyment. so if you find this appealing, then you might have come to the right place.

Our philosophy of putting our cats first as family members, and 2nd as breeding cats is essential to keep us strong and all thriving. Every cat lives free and happy lives near us inside our home getting a lot of attention. Our fertile males never live outside permanently. They always have rooms inside our home to be near us and we visit them endlessly! As each cat and kitten is personally hand raised by us, it gives them adequate time, care and individualized attention they need to see our babies grow strong in their social skills with the very social and loving temperament that Norwegian cats are known to have.   I am passionately committed to healthy future generations by elimination of potential health problems that can arise in our breed through a consistent testing program to eliminate defects in cats used in our breeding program.  going this way means we tend to have less litters and must go slower in breeding... but we are committed. with good work comes good result! i like to find kitten owners who want forever cats and kittens. 

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In 2015 I became a SVERAKs uppfödardiplomering...

I am a Swedish registered Diplomerad of Sverak since 2015, a member of FIFe and of Birka Kattklub in stockholm. I received my Stamlava - SE*Ullrtass's in 2014 through Sverak in Sweden.

Being SVERAK certified breeders are considered as a quality assurance.  As a registered breeder I agree to be updated with access and follow new decisions, rules and regulations and to actively work for the cat as a pet, and for good husbandry. After passing the exam, a SVERAK certified breeders have a basic cat and covenant knowledge to share with the cat buyers and prospective cat breeders.  All breeders and members of SVERAK should - besides other laws and regulations - follow the FIFe and SVERAKs statutes and regulations. A SVERAK-certified breeder should also have shown that it has a basic cat and covenant knowledge to share with the cat buyers and prospective cat breeders.

SVERAK-certified cat breeders, in addition to the cat itself, an important representative of reputable cattery, cat good posture and cat sport in general. Thus, there is a great responsibility towards the cat, SVERAK and SVERAKs values ​​and principles. SVERAK certified breeders should work positively in that spirit.

PAWPEDS Courses and NFO breeding council...

I have taken The G1 and G2 exam in PAWPEDS's Paw Academy. G1 is the first class and G2 is the second class. These class are training for breeders who want to learn more about diseases, breeding specifics and genetics. It is very important to keep learning and update ourselves as much as possible. You can click on each award to see the people who have passed the exam and I have Passed these 2 exams. in addition i belong to the nfo breeding council in europe.


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