Ullrtass's Norwegian Forest Cats

2021 E LITTER 

Kittens born 7 January, 2021



 CH SE*Lisselbacks Elton - Male,  NFO n 24, brown spotted tabby

S*Fitnesscats Bonnie - female, NFO g 22, blue tortie

HCM-tested both cats

GSDIV - tested free



Name: Sex: EMS Code: Status: Info:
Ullrtass's eirik MaleNFO d 24option 
Ullrtass's erosMaleNFO d 24option 
Ullrtass's eirFemaleNFO n 22watching development 
Ullrtass's estridFemaleNFO n 24  
Ullrtass's ebbaFemaleNFO f 24  
Ullrtass's elliFemaleNFO f 24  
Ullrtass's enyaFemaleNFO f 24  
Ullrtass's edenFemaleNFO f 22  
Ullrtass's eleonoreFemaleNFO n 22  



Kittens can move to their new homes no earlier then April 10, 2021.

Pictures from newborn to 13 weeks

1 day 1 week2 week (NEW)3 week4 week5 week6 week
7 week8 week9 week10 week11 week12 week13 week




  • Interest: Some have shown interest, but have not decided
  • Reserved: Some have shown interest but have not paid a deposit / reservation fee (The kitten can still be sold to others)
  • Booked: Someone wants to buy the kitten and has paid a deposit of 2000 kr (the kitten is not for sale anymore / reservation fee is not refundable
  • Sold: The kitten is paid for



A kitten from us is:

At least 12 weeks old

Basic vaccinated against feline plague and feline cold , ie two times de-wormed.

ID marked with Chip.

Insured against hidden faults for 3 years.

Registered in SVERAK / FIFe and has a pedigree.

Veternarian inspected with a maximum of 7 days old health certificate.

Room cleaned and used by family members.

Growing up and socialized in the center of the family.

In addition to this you get:

Kitten package full of foods your kitten likes, toys and blankets, and photos of your kitten growing up.




if you are interested in one of our kittens we would love to hear from you!

amy kriozere

(011) +46 723868499

skype: amy.kriozere



We take our time to watch the kittens develop which is why do not make any final decisions on owners until the kittens have

matured till 6-8 weeks. They can move to their new home when they are 12-13 weeks.


If you are interested in a kitten please send me an e-mail and tell me what type of kitten you are looking for: male or female,

as a pet, breeding, show or both, color and any other information you would like me to know. Also, a little bit about yourself as well.