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Our goal is to breed healthy, strong built cats according to the FIFé standard of Norwegian forest cats, and the health and temperment is our top priority. The most important for us, is that the cat will be a nice family pet. Our kittens will be used to an ordinary family life, with children in different ages and other cats.

All breeding cats will be tested for HCM regular, and are of course tested for GSD IV, PK deficiency (or free-tested by parents), Felv/fiv and Strep G. Our studs have a 6 month NUA test to insure they are certified breeding males with decended testicles and no imbilical hernias. Our cattery is yearly tested for Tritrichimomas, Giardia and Coccodia to insure ongoing health in the cattery.


Our kittens are sold according to Sverak rules

  • SVERAK pedigree(Fife)
  • ID-marked with a microchip. 
  • Fully vaccinated against cat pest and cat runny nose dvs. 2 ggr.
  • Dewormed at 8 and 12 weeks
  • Health-certitficate (not older than 7 days).
  • Insured against hidden defects for 3 years from the Breeder's insurance company
  • Deliverance between 13-15 weeks of age
  • Passport and Rabies vacinnation for kittens traveling outside of Sweden

Together with the kitten, comes a kitten-package containing:

  • Food
  • Blanket and kitten's favorite toys
  • The kitten will have their first bath and claws clipped
  • Lifetime support from us
  • Early life and social-life in a family setting with lots of love


What we expect:

When we sell a kitten we work with our SVERAK contract in which the rights and obligations of both the breeder and the new owner are included.

This contract can be obtained in advance from us.

We only sell a kitten after a personal meeting if possible and only to people seriously interested we feel appropriate for our kittens. For persons buying a kitten outside of Sweden I ask for a few skype/Facetime and phone calls so I can personally meet you first beforehand. I also ask that you either come to Sweden directly to pick up your kitten or that you will fly me to your country to deliver your kitten. I have not feel comfortable to send a kitten to a country alone so far in cargo. I would consider to do so but only through an accredited Transportation Company.

Our kittens grow up in a familiar atmosphere, with a lot of attention, care and love. This makes them social and well balanced animals.
Our kittens can not walk freely outside. If you have a outdoor cat run/enclosed area that is fenced in for your cat it is great. Also a leash.
For our kittens we are looking for homes that have a garden / run or other type of defined area where they can play.
Our Norwegians are very social and we find it very important to have a roommate that can be another cat, dog or person! Remember when you buy a kitten they like to climb and need climbers to do so. There are obligations you have to consider before making this purchase: Insurance, Food, Time, Old age.


Exporting a kitten:

Because I come from the United States and live in Sweden I speak both Swedish and English. I do export kittens to other countries outside of Europe. These are the most frequently asked questions I get . Please read carefully and if you have other questions I am happy to answer them by email or facebook messenger.

Do cats going to United States need Rabies shots? No. But every country is different so it is up to the buyer to check what tests they need specific to their country. Rabies is given 21 days before a kitten leaves for its new home. The kitten's first vacinnation is given at 8 weeks, then the Rabies vaccination, Then the 12 week vaccination is given.

Do cats going to EU countries need Rabies Shots. Yes. We do the rabies shots after the first set of vacinnations and before the second set of vaccinations. The rabies shot must be given 21 days before leaving Sweden and is not given at the same time as the 2nd vaccination at 12 weeks to be fully effective. This information is given for people planning the time zone for adoption.

What shots and tests will my kitten have?  vacinnations, deworming 2 times, FIFe pedigree, Micochip, Registered I.D, Health Checkup 2 days before the kitten moves to its new country (Good for 7 days. Owner must have a new health check done within 3 days of kitten's arrival), Passport and Rabies if applical.  

Do I do extra tests or special vacinnations if asked? Yes I am happy to do these for a slight extra cost. you are also ask for specific vaccinations if you want that your countries requires, but please let me know in advance as I must order them.

What age can a cat leave from Sweden to come move to my country?  I let kittens moving to other countries leave at 14 weeks earliest.

Do i ship my kittens abroad alone in cargo on a plane? I have not done this yet. I never say never, but, if a kitten would go alone in cargo I prefer to have it go with a transportation company who can insure responsibility for the kitten to reach the destination safely.

How does a kitten come to you in your country if you are thinking about adoption?  there are a few ways to do this: 

  1. Book a plane ticket round trip to Sweden and be our guest at our home while you pick up your kitten. This is the most economical way we have found to plan for many of our guests coming to get their new family members. We have a nice home with private guest rooms. We are happy to pick you up at the train station which runs directly into our town from any airports in Sweden.Most people fly directly into Copenhagen and take the train directly to our town. We also will help facilitate your travel plans etc.  If you do not feel comfortable staying in our home there is a 4 star spa hotel 20 minutes from us called Kosta Boda Art Hotel.       Kosta Boda Art Hotel  (here is the link)
  2. Pre-Book a round-trip plane fare for me to deliver the kitten to you in your designated country. If the flight is more then 2.5 hours and cannot be made in one day then I require a hotel room for 1 night paid as well. I can only do this if my schedule allows and I am not working.
  3. Use a reliable Pet Transportation company to deliver your new family member to your home. Please note the Pet Transportation company we have been recommended by other breeders flies out of the Netherlands and so I would have to fly your new family member from Sweden to the Netherlands which is an additional cost. The benefit of using this service is that if a person is unable to make the journey to pick up their kitten, they are guaranteed very reliable form of transportation that they can count on. The service guarantees that your pet will not be left alone on a tarmack at any time and you can follow their journey online as they make their way to you. This means that when the kitten must make a stop over in an airport before reaching their final destination, they are taking care of BY HAND. If a kitten is simply sent by cargo from Sweden without this service is still costly and you have no idea how the animal is being treated. Yes it is a bit more expensive but truly worth it for a safe journey.

What type of Pedigree do I get and is it original?  You will have a FIFe Pedigree and yes it is original. You are able to send me forms from your country and I will fill out what is called a TRANSFER PEDIGREE form. This allows you to easily transfer the pedigree from FIFe to your preferred pedigree.

Do I sell my kittens to people who I have had limited contact with? NO. If you would like to adopt a kitten from us we would prefer to have a few conversations and if you are overseas have atleast 1 skype or facetime. Since the baby is moving far away and I cannot make a personal visit to your home, it's reassuring to be able set up time to talk and understand where and how the kitten will be living.

Do I provide support? Yes, always. Forever and ever you can contact me. I have a no judgement policy and I will help my kitten buyers new or experienced with any of their needs. This means anything from a simple question to ""I don't ave a clue what to do". Breeders have been there before I am here for you always. We love to get pictures and updates too, we love seeing our offspring. It's a pure joy.


You are welcome to contact us, if you are interested in buying a kitten from SE*Ullrtass´s.  Email is always a great first contact for me.


Amy Kriozere