Ullrtass's Norwegian Forest Cats




A kitten from SE*ullrtass's  will be atleast 13 weeks before it moves to a new home.

the price in sweden is 10,000 sek, 2000 kr of this to be paid as resservation fee. the reservation fee is non-refundable if the buyer

backs out, as long as the reason isn't as disqualifying flaw for breeding or show.

for europe the price will be higher, as the kitten will need additional vaccines, passport,

health reports to be ready to travel.


the kittens will be registered with a swedish (Sverak) FIFe pedigree, be fully vaccinated and have a

micro-chip for identification. we also include a health attest not older then seven days. 

new buyers will also get a membership for a year in Skogkattslingan, if they are not already a member.


our kittens grow up in a very socialized environment in our family home. they are used to a lot of activity,

vacuum cleaners, activity, play, and have gotten a lot of love from us while they grew up. my joy and my hope

is that the kittens i raise and sell will then bring a lot of joy, love and forever companionship to their owners

for life!


please feel free to contact me for an e-mail chat as our first contact. but i do not sell kittens

unless i have personal contact with you, if you live far away then video chat is fine. i prefer buyers to come and 

visit our kittens at our home, its important to find the right kitten for your family.

thank you!





if you are interested in one of our kittens we would love to hear from you!

amy kriozere

(011) +46 723868499

skype: amy.kriozere