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Our breeding program's goal is to stay  true to the FIfe standard, our cattery chooses in breeding to match the most varied pedigrees together while respecting the look of each cat (pairing one cat's best trait to improve the same trait on the other cat who may have a less strong trait). Through the use of varied pedigrees more non related to each other,  we can breed a more well rounded, stronger and healthier kitten  each generation which can eliminate genetic faults that may have been carried through to the current generation.

regarding the look beauty and combination of the matings involved,,  my goal is to match cats together that will compliment each other physically,  AND ALSO HELP EACH OTHER WHERE THE OTHER IS LACKING IN PHYSICAL FEATURES. IT IS NEVER A SCIENCE BUT AN ARTFORM TO FIND A GOOD MATCH..  In our cattery we are strict about choosing pedigrees of at least 0% at 4 generations to avoid any inbreeding, but also take into account up to 10 generations and TRY TO REMOVE cats that are used on both sides of the pedigree OF THE PARENTS. 

I am a member of FIFe which follows a specific Standard of how they define what a Norwegian Forest Cat should look like. For more on the FIFE Standard please see this link :

Below you will find the guidelines of the tests we perform on our cats. We maintain a strict schedule of testing and all current results can be found on our website. For further copies of each test please contact us directly and we are happy to provide future owners and those persons with serious inquires for the actual copies of the tests we had performed on the cat inquired about. All our testing results are submitted to both Pawpeds databases (PawPeds)  and SVERAK Findus databases (


HCM , test performed on years 1, 3, 5, 8

GSDIV - cat can be normal through the parents/grandparents if those cats were already tested with verified results

PKdef - cat can be normal through the parents/grandparents if those cats were already tested with verified results

FIV/Felv - preferably done before each mating

Strep G - the cat is tested before a cat goes into our breeding program

Giardia/Tritrichimonos/Coccidia/Cryptosporidium - testing is performed 1 time per year for our entire cattery, and in individual cats before matings

ELISA test -


All our tests are conducted with microchipped verified results submitted by our veternarian. This means that the sample was taken by the veternarian while our cat was in the veternarian office being examined and the cats microchip was verified by the veternarian to match the sample before being sent in. We insure that there is no mistake that the sample belongs to the correct cat.



SE*Ullrtass's See See Rider

Female, NFO N 23