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Health is an important aspect when you're going to breed. Every responsible breeder has to learn the health issues regarding the breed, and every breeder should also have this knowledge in mind when choosing breeding cats. Today it is responsible to test every genetic disease and we test our cats when there is a reliable test available.

What Kind of Health Program We Use

We have an awareness of using only healthy cats in our breeding program, and we are committed to testing for these genetic results:

HCM - Years 1, 3, 5 and 8 (Submitted to Pawpeds and Sverak databases)

GSDi4 - The cat can be free of defects through their parents and grandparents however, I will DIRECTLY test my males with microchipped certified results.



Other Tests We Perform:


Strep G - before a cat goes into our breeding program

Giardia/Tritrichimonos/Coccidia - We test randomly the entire cattery atleast 1 to 2 times per year


All our tests are conducted with microchipped verified results submitted by our veternarian. This means that the sample was taken by the veternarian while our cat was in the veternarian office being examined and the cats microchip was verified to match the sample before being sent in. There can be NO MISTAKE that the sample belongs to the correct cat.

The genetic results of our cats tests are listed on our website under each cat's name for the general public. Any further testing required for matings will be given on a one time basis for the intention of that exact mating.  Please be aware all relevant genetic reports are on our website and we will not give out hard copies of genetic results at random simply because a person asks to see the paper copies. For all persons interested in meeting for a mating we are happy to provide our results by email (actual copies) and other results from previous tests for the purpose of trust and reliance in our health program and serious intent to do a mating between catteries. For all other persons please refer to our website.