Ullrtass's Norwegian Forest Cats

2022 I Litter

THE destiny/fate litter

("kismet' - meaning destiny or fate)

Born July 18, 2022


It was fate that gave him his name..

After Zazi (PL*Atlas Zambia) went was due with 5 kittens we saw by ultrasound their were two viable kittens and one partially formed. The Male's owner Nikki and I had decided that she would take a male kitten, if there was one, after him - his son. She owns the father and grandfather as well. Zazi went in for a c-section as she was having trouble giving birth. That day she had hysterectomy and became castrated. However, one kitten remained -  a boy, out of five kittens. I could only think this was "KISMET", when it's fate that something happens that brings you something that is meant to be. I kept saying "well, this is KISMET." Minna said "How about iKismet because this is your I litter?  And so iKismet was named.


Anna and I when we first met and I went to Poland

to meet Zazi for the first time. We are at a show.






this combination is 0% at 4 generations with 4.66% total inbreeding



Pictures from newborn to 13 weeks

NEW BORN 1 week 2 week3 week 4 week 5 week (NEW PHOTOS)6 week
7 week8 week 9 week10 week 11 week 12 week 13 week 





father: NIPSU-NAPPAULAN BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY 'NIKKE - nfo n 03 24 - black spotted tabby with white
Mother: pl*atlas zambia - nfo n 03 22 - black classic blotched tabby with white

GSDIV: n/n for both cats

PK-def: Negative for both cats

hcm - both cats to be scanned at 1 year 

FIV/FeLV - Negative, 2022-07-21, idexx laboratories, tested at vallentuna djurklinik ab



This mating is 0% at 4 generations with a 4.25% total inbreeding


STATUS:   iKismet is not for sale at this time.



Our kittens come with:

  • a swedish (Sverak) FIFe pedigree, be fully vaccinated
  • micro-chip for identification.
  • a health certificate not older then seven days. sometimes 2 health certs if leaving for another country
  • DE-WORMing TWICE AT 8 AND 12 WEEKS. (milbamex and frontline)
  • booklet showing the kittens ancestry on both sides and genetic tests of parents/grandparents
  • A PASSPORT for kittens traveling outside sweden
  • RABIES -for kittens traveling to COUNTies requiring this 
  • extra health tests if owners/breeders ask for these (PLEASE NOTIFY ME well IN ADVANCE SO THERE IS TIME TO PERFORM THEM)  

A kitten from SE*ullrtass's  will be atleast 13 weeks before it moves to a new home.

15% deposit is to be paid as reservation fee. the reservation fee is non-refundable if the buyer

backs out, as long as the reason isn't as disqualifying flaw for breeding or show. a reservation fee can be saved to be used for a future litter.





If you are interested in one of our kittens we would love to hear from you.

​amy kriozere

(011) +46 723868499

skype: amy.kriozere