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Our Cattery Expands...

This past year we moved to a big home of 250 square meters to progress our cattery. Emmaboda is located in the countryside of southern Sweden 45 minutes outside of Kalmar and 2.5 hours from Göteburg, It is very peaceful and quite here. Our home is quite ample and it was our dream to remodel this house for our cattery when we moved. The property includes our 250 square meter home with a large garden to provide ample space for our 7 cats. Next year we will be building 3-4 outdoor catruns with enclosed insulated houses for more added space, In the inside home space we have a large enclosed downstairs room for 5 of our 7 cats with outside access to 1 of 3 large catruns which can be accessed at anytime. Downstairs there is also a dedicated and separate breeding room for matings in which cats can have access to go to without ever having contact with other cats. This room is next to a large utility room dedicated to the cats bathing/grooming and all other like things. Upstairs we have our male rooms which are large, comfortable and connected to our hallway so our males can be with us too in the house and we can constantly visit them and they can roam freely. Next to the male's room is kitten/birthing room/visiting cat room and its private and next to our bedroom. The mama and babies stay here until week 3 to 4 and then join the bigger group downstairs. This room looks out onto the garden and is 8 squre meters with wood floors and quiet privacy. There is also a guestroom on the main floor with its own bathroom so visiting guests can have their own privacy. If they have a cat with them, they can visit on the same level of the house only a few doors down.

Every cat, including our fertile males, lives free and happy lives near us getting alot of attention. As we are a small cattery in the countryside, each cat is personally hand raised by us  giving adequate time, care and individualized attention to see our babies grow strong in their social skills with good and loving temperments that Norwegian cats are known to have. This adopted philosophy of putting our cats first is essential to US to keep us strong and all thriving. A kitten is a life long committment and a friend for life who will bond with you in a very social way. They need adequete space to climb and many different places to sleep. Because the life span of a cat is long, a person needs to think if they can provide the time and committment to give to a cat before considering adoption. Indoor settings, enlcosed catruns or leashes are needed to be provided as these days Norwegian Forest cats do not live in the wild.


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