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Our Story...

Hello. I am Amy the owner and breeder of SE*Ullrtass Cattery.  Fredrik  is my husband. I am from the Unites States originally and Fredde is born and raised in Taby, Sweden. I moved to Sweden in 2012 after meeting my husband in Los Angeles, California. We live in a suburb of Stockholm  which is approximately 30 minutes outside of Stockholm but feels like the country with farms, lakes walking paths and many trees. We love it here as there is plenty of nature and fresh air. We live with our cats in an large apartment with plenty of space for them to run. Here is a little bit of our story of how we met and also fell in love with cats, specifically Norwegian Forest Cats. Also, how our cattery Ullrtass Cattery came into being in January 2015.

It all began in 1994 when I adopted my beloved cat Apollo from a shelter in the United States on his last day before he was going to be put down. I noticed he was quite large, 23 lbs and quite the furry guy. He came to live with me and stayed another 20 years! During this time I changed homes and states a few times but my love for him grew. He was not like any other animal I ever owned for he looked quite like a lion with a maine down to the ground and climbed feet first down trees. Being quite independent he would go for days only to return when HE wanted. Although I missed him I could never change him. Ever the affectionate, loving animal, he brought me so much joy although I did not know what breed he was for a very long time though there was much speculation. Some people would say Maine Coon, others would say Syberian. But I would just say Apollo the Lion. Thus began my life long love of cats and the unconditional love of the Norwegian Forest Cat, which I had no clue to at the time.

In 2011 I met my husband Fredrik and my destiny was soon to take me to Sweden and a new life. My beloved Apollo was 21 years old at this point and quite old. On a asthma ventalator and kidney medicine, I worried about moving overseas and knew he could not cope with it. As he saw me bring my packing boxes in he began to pee on the floor...a clear sign that he had enough, it was his signal that he made his decision that he would not go. Yes, I knew he was sick and had a long life, coughing all the time and at 21 it was time. With Fredrik back in Sweden I made the toughest decision I ever had to do, or will do, I called the vet to come. I cried the entire time

My heart was bleeding for the friend I was about to lose. But true to his noble form Apollo layed quietly on my bed his last day in peace. He slept the whole day and let me pet his head and nuzzle him. When it ws time I gently kissed him, told him how much I loved him and how sorry I was.  We put him to sleep on my comforter that evening after I said my goodbyes. Oh how the sadness! I thought I would never recover. It was like dying, I cremated his ashes and brought them to Sweden with me. Picking the ashes that day all alone with Fredrik back in Sweden waiting for me to move was the hardest thing in my life. But you know, animals have a way of healing us without us asking for anything in return, even on their last day on this planet. I was not to know that his love would lead me through in my life to the next phase in my life of my love of cats, specifically Norwegian Forest Cats. To have such unconditional love for animals and be ready to adopt again was something I was not thinking about, but believe me, Apollo's unconditional love and joy I feel still today enabled me to look again for another cat a year later which is a miracle by the name of Opia. At the time though, I never thought I would have another take his place. I think there will only be one of him. So do many others. He was and is truly my first love.


SE* Cederskogens Opia Opal Comes into our lives...

We were settled in Vallingby, Sweden and I had time on my hands. Healing from Apollo's passing I begun to miss having an animal around our apartment. I was browsing Blocket the site where you can "find all things" and clicked on the cat section and there came Opia's picture. This little grey and white ball of furr that I cannot describe how adorable. She had the biggest ears I had ever seen. I clicked off that picture. Then clicked on. Then clicked off. Fredrik looked at it. We looked at each other. Then I looked at the priceholy shit! I said noooo. One day later I called him at work and said to him I just cannot stop thinking about her! Cannot! But look where she is located and it's so far. We don't even have a car to get her. Of course my husband is so wonderful that he just knew I was going to have to have her even before I did…so we email Petra and told her we wanted her (thinking she would just hand Opia naive I was at the time. I knew nothing about Sweden and breeders looking back now!). We wrote the breeder and she wrote back and told us she had a family coming to look at Opia and she couldn't sell her right away but my first wait till after the weekend. I wrote back and said yes we would wait, no problem. I think she sensed my patience for she did contact me and the family did not take Opia to our luck and also because we believe this match was meant to be. The breeder contacted us and we exchanged a few emails to make arrangements. 

The pictures of Opia and the details about her fit us and who were are we believed. Opia is a sensitive girl and very playful with a great disposition. She is shy but wild and fun at times. She likes a lot of contact and responds well one to one. Very girly and loves her dad too! She cries if you yell at her but responds well to teaching and is extremely intelligent as all Norwegian Forest Cats are. 

To our luck I had a free 24 hour car rental from all the sky miles I had racked up from traveling to the U.S.A and back to Sweden so we were to use this to go pick up little Opia 10 ours away down south In Tollarp, Sweden. I had not even met Opia in person, only seen pictures. Keep in mind that I had no idea of the breed of Norwegian Forest Cat nor of the Breeder that we were buying from at the time! It was all luck! Fortunately the world smiled on us and we were able to connect with Opia,  So we drove down a very long way and met Petra, picked up Opia who ignored us at the house and put her in her carrier to come home. Fredrik suggested we take her out of the carrier so she wouldn't be lonely. I thought against it but did it anyway. Oh, big mistake! That girl wouldn't go back in for the life of her!! I had to hold her for 10 hours straight in my lap on the ride home! but we bonded forever.


My Breeding career begins...

​ In November of 2014 we obtained our breeding license through Sverak as SE*Ullrtass's. Shortly after we began to search for a mate for Opia.. eventually we found a boy named Trisse for Opia from Ylva Ehrenbage at . One half year later our dream became realized and we were expecting kittens! We could not be more thrilled.