Ullrtass's Norwegian Forest Cats

In  loving Memory..

SE*Cederskogens Opia Opal (Opia)

2013/08/06 - 2018/08/23

(4 years 7 months)

Race - Norsk Skogkatt

Female  - FERTILE

EMS - a 09 23 Blue tabby with white blotched

Born - 2013-08-06

Reg Number - SVERAK LO 30054

Mother - GIC S*Fridalas Piri Piri

Father - XL aus dem Wuselland

GSD IV - N/N, 2017-05-18, Langford Labs - Lab G20296, Dr. Chris Halps (microchip number verified)

PK-def - N/N, 2017-05-18, Landford labs - Lab G20296, Dr. Chris Halps (microchip number verified)

FIV/FeLV - Negative, 2017-01-14, IDEXX laboratory Report #VM3805341401

HCM - Normal 2014-12-08, Dr. Lennart Nilsfors, Veternarian

      HCM - Normal 2016-07-15, Dr. Jens Häggström, Veternarian Professor



Litters - A Litter - Royal Litter



R.I.P our dearest💔🐾
S*Cederskogens Opia Opal
2013/08/06 - 2018/08/23

Heaven can not even hold our tears they are too many to count💔. We loved you so much and feel this loss so deeply its only now we can begin to speak about it.

It has been so devestating for us. Like time has passed but she is not there to great us, to meow for a brush, to comfort us like only she can do. Our home feels empty. Our beauty. The great grandmother to our kittens. The mother to Muddy Waters, the grandmother to Bodi.

It was a shock the day we came home to find Opia behind the couch on her side gasping for air. I checked her gums and they were dark and her body stiff. I picked her up and she cried like I never heard. So we rushed her within 5 minutes to the hospital but she was already dying, there was nothing we could do. I had to make the hardest decision right there to put her to sleep. Fredde and I both kissed her and held her, telling her how much we loved her while they injected her. The vets were in shock was hard to focus and to be strong to make what needed to happen but somehow I did stay strong in that moment. Sobbing I ordered the autopsy and we drove her body to kalmar for it and picked out a box with a heart inscribed with her name on it to bring home her ashes in. That was probably the worst part.

She lay in a cardboard box with a blanket on her as we said goodbye.. It was unreal. We couldnt speak only cry. Walking out the room she would come back in a "box".She was our first Norwegian, our absolute sweetest.

We have waited for the 2nd autopsy before writing anything so there is no speculation and also it has been just a hole in the heart. The house felt empty. But then we received the ashes and something strange happened. There was a room Opia loved. Our guestroom. She would lay there for hours. The sun would shine on the bed and she would love it. It is also our kitten room. I put her ashes there next to the angel and suddenly it felt in the house as she was there again💗. It was warm with her energy. Prince, our little male cat from Germany came up next to my husband and stood still in that room and looked up where the ashes lay..completely still. He knows. Dear one.. you came home.

The first autopsy was inconclusive so we ordered another autopsy report.The 2nd autopsy stated that Opia died from a heart attack which has been caused by acute pulmonery edema in the lungs, acute contractile necrosis in her left heart ventricle and a widening arrhythmia in the right heart ventricle which the autopsy wrote reflects early ARVC/Right-side cardiomypathy. ARVC is defined as a rare disease of the heart muscle that is inherited and can be passed through families and is caused by a change or mutation in 1 or more Genes. The acute focal myocardial necrosis caused her chest pains and deprevation of circulating blood causing and the tissues to begin to die. They were unable to determine why Opia had an onset of this happening to her so quickly and they can not determine it (she died within a matter of 3 hours). One thing we know now - there was nothing we could have done to save her or prevent this.. She was ours for the time we had with her on this earth. I am truly grateful we were there for her at the end of hers, that she felt our touch and was not alone.💗

We have always done HCM scanning on her and both times it has been NORMAL. We do HCM scanning and genetic testing on all our cats at regular times.

We are grateful to Opia's breeder that she let Opia be part of our life and no way consider this her fault. She has beautiful cats. Death is a part of life. I still love breeding cats and the joy of it. I am grateful to be able to spend my life doing what I love no matter the heartache. There is still joy. She gave us joy.



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