Ullrtass's Norwegian Forest Cats

in loving memory...

SE*Ullrtass's See See Rider 



Race - Norsk Skogkatt

Female - FERTILE

EMS - NFO n 23  Black Tabby mackerel

Born - 2018-04-29

Breeder - SE*Ullrtass's

Mother - SE*Ullrtass's Bodvara av Bergdis - NFO n

Father - SE*Lisselbacks Elton - NFO n 24


GSD IV - N/N through parents/grandparents (Veternarian verified Microchip number)

PK-def -  N/N through parents/grandparents (Veternarian verified Microchip number)

 HCM - NORMAL, 2019-06-28, Dr. Torkel Falk, Kalmar Anicura Pet Kliniken

 HCM - Equivocal, 2019-12-20, Dr. Torkel Falk, Kalmar Anicura Pet Kliniken - 2nd Scan




Litters - None

Exhibition Results  Ex1-2,  Ex2-1, Kitten Litter Ex3 of 4






6 months


5 months


3 months


2 months


3 weeks


1 week


1 week



See See...died of HCM, we think, at 2 years old. The veternarian didn't perform another HCM scan when she went in really sick. Her heart just gave hurts me so much to write about it. The night before I had to force feed her. She tried to eat but couldn't. She really did not give any indication of being ill except she had two heart scan and the first showed right on the line so per the vet's advice we didn't use her in our breeding program and came back at 1.5 years old for a second scan (though he advised at 2 years). I was shocked to find her scan even worse the second time. 

It hurts so much to lose her. She was adorable, beautiful, elusive, quiet but funny at the same time, and...fully loved and adored by us. I am open about her death because to know why she died should not be something bad. let her death not be in vain...I love you dearly See See. We still cry over you sweethear.


mama and papa, forever yours