Ullrtass's Norwegian Forest Cats

PL*Atlas Zambia (Zazi)

Race - Norsk skogkatt

Female - castrate

EMS - NFO n 03 22  Black blotched tabby with white

Born - 2018-07-03

Breeder - Anna Zaleska  Atlas*PL, Warsaw, Poland

Mother - IC Je Suis Jolie Adsum*PL

Father - SC (N) Fodnaheia's Galypso, DVM

GSD IV - N/N (through parents and grandparents)

PK-def -  N/N,  2019-07-06, Laboklin laboratory.  Verified test results, test taken by Djurkliniken Smä Tassar, Nybro Sweden

HCM - NORMAL, 2019-06-28, Dr. Torkel Falk, Kalmar Anicura Pet Kliniken





Litters - Litter D 2019, Litter I 2022

Exhibition Results - Ex2/2



After our dear S*Cederskogens Opia Opal died we decided to contact Anna the breeder in Poland. i had been in contact with her before and knew a few years back

that someday I would like to buy a kitten from her as I have always loved the cats from Poland. We went through a deep mourning process with Opia but then i saw

Zambia and loved her color. I had always wanted a group 4 cat but we had our beloved Opia who had been white and blue. Anna and I spoke for a while through messenger and it was decided. Zambia is everything to us. A beautiful temperament and so very sweet. She has really healed our heart in so many ways here in our

household. She will be for both our Elton and for our Muddy Waters who is our big blue male from my own breeding. As soon as she came into the house everything lightened up. She gets along with everyone of our cats and has made a rightful place here in our home. It has been such a smooth transition from Poland to here for her.

As far as type goes, she is fantastic with a classic ear set and nice triangle. She is very feminine overall which I prefer in female cats.  The coat is full and full around the collar. The only fault I can see is her tail which lacks a lot of fur but my cats have an abundance of coat on their tails which more then make up for it. Her pedigree is the other part of her I am so exciting about.  Zazi as we call her is outgoing and a social and loving girl. My feeling is that she will be a GREAT mama. She is always purring and seeing what everyone else is up to. I call her my "bridge" as she is like a bridge for the other ladies...always grooming, kissing and playing evening with the toughest soul. It is amazing to watch her grow. It is outstanding and has many of the cats in it which make her what she is. Without every having seeing Zambia before adopting her I am so pleased with her! I cannot thank her breeder Anna enough for talking me through my grieving process and telling me how much she was happy to have Zambia live with us. That made the biggest difference for me.